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Team MVP Training

Team MVP Training

IVSA is proud to partner with Team MVP for performance training. Team MVP was founded by NFL veteran and team captain Steve McLendon. They offer daily classes and workout packages to fit all your training needs. Each class or session is taught by a professional instructor dedicated to building a personal relationship with each member. We work to build training plans, performance goals, and to improve your overall health. Come train with the best to see the MVP way!


Available Classes

  • Speed and agility
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Girls in sports
  • Adult and youth fitness workouts
  • Football training
  • Professional and collegiate performance training


Training Packages & Pricing

One-on-One Workout$100 per hour
Group Drop-In$35 per person
Youth 3 Days Per Week | Unlimited$225 | $300 per month
Adult Weekly Training$250 per month
NFL Pro | Returning Pro$300 | $250 per week
Semi-Pro or College Athlete$150 per week

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