4 Zoom Sessions in August (45 minutes)

Sessions will be recorded

This 4 week virtual nutrition program for ages 14 & up will teach you how to create synergy by pairing macro nutrition and strength training to achieve the bigger,stronger, or leaner effect your coach has suggested.



• includes the 4 week program



• includes the 4 week program

• 45 min 1:1 zoom with a Macro Nutrition Coach

• personalized nutrition plan



• monthly 1:1 coaching designed for the athlete who wants personalized help, guidance, and accountability to get to the next level

• Can start anytime. Email for more information.

Learn how to create synergy by pairing macro nutrition & workouts.

2 Options

Group Coaching

Group Coaching via Zoom calls-meet weekly for 4 weeks. Calls are recorded and uploaded to a private YouTube channel.

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching designed for the athlete who wants a personalized plan, help, guidance & accountability. Perfect for the athlete on a timeline for results.

Meet The Team


Karen Hobson

  • Certified Macro Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Health Mindset Coach
  • Team Elite Alumni Mom
  • Mom to 2 D1 Athletes
  • Measured Macros Website
  • Instagram

Hi! I’m Karen and I help athletes take their game to the next level whose coaches have recommended they need to get bigger, stronger, or leaner. This process may sound as easy as spending some time in the gym. However, if you aren’t making the right nutrition choices along with strength training, you are slowing your progress and leaving gains on the table. Nutrition is usually the forgotten piece of the puzzle. You make nutrition decisions every day, why not learn HOW to fuel your body properly to speed up progress? This is where I can help you and your family. The skills I teach you will not only help accelerate your progress in the gym today, but they are the skills you will need when you reach your next level of baseball and life. I am uniquely qualified as both of my children are division 1 Athletes with Samford Women’s Golf and UT Martin Baseball. I have walked the same path as Elite Athletics families. I understand every aspect of the equation.

How can we work together?

2 ways to elevate your game by learning how to pair nutrition with your workouts:

1) Group coaching offered at different times throughout the year.

This program is designed to give athletes and their family the tools to navigate their nutrition and learn how to pair nutrition with workouts to

create the synergy to achieve the bigger, stronger, or leaner result your coach is recommending. The group coaching is done via zoom group meetings. The meetings are recorded and uploaded to a private YouTube channel for those that can’t make the meetings live. This can be upgraded to include a one time individual 1:1 zoom meeting for help with a personalized plan. To find out our upcoming group classes email Karen at measuredmacros@gmail.com or direct message Karen Hobson (measuredmacros) on Voxer communication app.

2) 1:1 Coaching designed for the athlete who wants personalized help, guidance, and accountability.

After meeting virtually with me, I will develop a reasonable and achievable personalized roadmap to help change the trajectory of your game. This is perfect for the athlete on a timeline for efficient gains. Includes weekly check ins via app along with monthly 1:1 zoom meetings and daily access to me for questions and help. This coaching is available to start at any time. Email me at measuredmacros@gmail.com to schedule a discovery call or apply here.

My athletes & their parents that work with me report:

-Increase in muscle

-Increase in strength

-Increase in confidence

-Increase in knowledge of nutrition to take control of their own body

-Increase in knowledge of the connection of fueling your body & performance

-Increase in body control

-Increase in confidence in what the body is capable of doing

-Increase in understanding of how to “feed” muscle properly in concert with the specific workout to create synergy of workout with nutrition

-Complete understanding of how to prioritize protein

-Understanding of nutrition periodization

-Accountability that doesn’t come from the parents

“Gained knowledge on nutrition & what to eat when & what to stay away from”

“Learned how my body works which make me overall feel more energetic & happier”

“Learned ways to find energy when I didn’t feel like working out that day”