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Proud Football Partners of Team MVP

Proud Football Partner of IVSA

Team MVP was founded by NFL veteran and team captain Steve McLendon. Playing in the NFL for over a decade, Steve learned what it takes to be physically and mentally prepared for game's biggest moments. Our youth and professional training camps are intense, focus-driven sessions aimed to improve your fundamentals, explosiveness, and mental fortitude.

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Youth Training

Youth Training

Elevate your child’s athletic performance with the same programmed training that the world’s best athletes use.

Gym drop-ins $35 | Training packages starting at $225 per month

Training ProgramDescription
Sport FundamentalsThis is a programmed workout for student athletes who are just getting started in sports. A focus on the fundamentals of working out to create a mindset in each athlete to work hard, be strong and fast. This class is great for our younger athletes (elementary and middle school).
Youth Elite WorkoutsThis program is designed for the advanced middle school + high school age group. Who are already familiar with sport fundamentals, and ready to take their training to the next level. A program that incorporates; speed, agility, weight training and sport specific movements.
D-Line WorkoutsA program specific to the defensive linemen. A specific class set for middle school and high school athletes.
Pass Rush TrainingA program specific to linebackers and the D-line. Skills focused on pass rush. This workout is for our High School and older athletes.
Fundamentals + Speed + AgilityThis group is a focus for new student athletes of all ages. A group designed to help you improve as an athlete all around. This group is for middle school and younger as well as our high school students. This class pairs great with a skills class. Buy a package, attend this class 2x a week then a skills specific for a third day. See improvements in your form and overall stamina.
Speed + ExplosivenessA programmed class set for middle school, high school, college, semi pro and more!

Combine & Professional Training

Professional & Combine Training

Our Combine Training program allows you to work right beside NFL players, including Steve, who will get you ready for the Combine. Steve McLendon has played in the NFL for over 10 years. He will share all the tips you need to know to elevate your Draft status.  The expertise and tips you will learn from him and his team of trainers are unmatched. Our Combine training program provides access to the top coaches, facilities, recovery, and nutrition regiments to be fully prepared for the Combine and to maximize your career in the league. We offer an unprecedented combination of training amenities and facilities that will allow you to elevate your Draft status on Combine day.

NFL, CFL, XFL, and College Athletes looking to advance their workouts, and perform at their all time healthiest. 

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